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    Zhongshan treasure New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional surface treatment materials (delishin pulp blackening agent) and hot and cold processing materials research and development, production and sales of integrated operation enterprises. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the high starting point, high requirements, energy conservation and environmental protection as the guiding ideology, determined to continue to innovate, to provide users with quality products and services. Our original blackening agent without thickener is the real blackening agent for concentrated stock.

    Since its establishment for three years, the company has been committed to technological research and development, from product formula to production equipment and tools, and then to the use of products. It has applied for 3 formula invention patents (2 of which have entered the final stage of trial), 8 utility model patents of equipment and tools (6 patent certificates have been issued), and foll...[More...]

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