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Delishin Self-tapping nail blackening agent
2019-4-3 11:22:53

Delishin blackening agent does not add thickening agent, real super-concentration, self-tapping nail blackening working fluid general ratio = raw liquid: water = 1:7-10      

    Since tapping nail blackening is generally after heat treatment, the tempering temperature of screw heat treatment is generally lower, the workpiece itself is relatively small, and the stored heat is relatively small. Therefore, it is suggested that the temperature should be as high as possible when heating, and colleagues should cooperate with low-temperature blackening agent to increase the concentration of use.  

   1. The injection temperature of DS-1018 blackening agent workpiece shall not be lower than 220 C. In a word, the higher the temperature is, the better the effect is, but the highest temperature is not more than 500 C. When the workpiece is heated to the prescribed temperature, it needs to keep warm for a period of time (more than 30 minutes) to make it uniformly heated, so as to ensure the binding force between the blackening film and the matrix. 

    2. After the workpiece is put forward from the working fluid, it should be dried at a temperature of 100-150 degrees Celsius and then oiled.   

   Work fluid preparation: When used, the blackening agent stock solution must be diluted with tap water. The dilution ratio of self-tapping nail blackening and water is generally 1:7-10 (that is, 7-10 times water). Before dilution, it should be stirred evenly. After dilution, it must be stirred evenly before putting into production. The principle of dilution is: high temperature and low concentration, high temperature and low concentration, low workpiece concentration and high workpiece concentration.  

    Blackening process: using the residual heat of tempering or heating the workpiece to 220 C or above (not more than 450 C), holding for more than 35 minutes (making the workpiece heated uniformly to ensure the binding force between the blackening film and the matrix), immediately immersing in the blackening working fluid (the workpiece surface must be clean before blackening), the blackened workpiece does not need to be washed, directly dried, drying temperature is 100-150 C, and then dried. Oil, and then pack the workpiece when it is cold to room temperature (not hot). 

     Maintenance of working fluid:

 1) The temperature of working fluid should be lowered during continuous production, and the temperature of working fluid should be kept below 45 C;

 2) The working fluid should be kept circulating for a long time, and should not be put into static storage for a long time;

 3) No other substances such as acid and alkali should be mixed in order to avoid destroying the working fluid;

 4) According to the production capacity, attention should be paid to adding raw liquid or replenishing water to maintain the appropriate concentration.

   The steel blackening agent of Delishin Brand employs the principle of high polymer organic polymerization and uses the afterheat of tempering process within the heat treatment to form a film and blacken. The formulated working solution can be recycled and is easy to operate, being a kind of new environment-friendly, energy-saving and water conservative steel surface treatment material and the best solution to reduce the production costs. It is widely used in the surface blackening of all kinds of iron and steel parts such as standard parts, fasteners, screws, nuts, chains, gears, springs, elastic pads, bicycle parts and accessories, auto parts, machine parts, hydraulic parts, engineering machinery parts and railway equipment which are made of iron and steel materials as carbon constructional steel, alloy constructional steel, cast iron and powder metallurgy etc.

    I Advantages
       1.Water-soluble emulsion which is environment-friendly and safty;
       2.Being manufactured with the heat treatment mesh belt furnace, which is efficient and energy-saving;
       3.The continuous operation of heat treatment technology which can make the tempering and blackening be  performed at one time;
       4.The blackened work piece is lustrous, corrosion resistant and rust-preventing;
       5.It can reduce the labor intensity and improve the production environment;
       6.It can save energy, reduce cost and improve productivity;
       7.No acid cleaning before blackening, no washing after blackening and free from the discharge of waste water, gas and residue;
       8.The blackened work piece has no hydrogen embrittlement pinholes and burrs;
       9.It can perfectly substitute the traditional alkali boiling blackening, which can eliminate pollution;
       10.The blackening agent of Delishin Brand can greatly reduce the part processing costs. 

    II Drawing of the application of blackening process flow on the mesh belt furnace:



     III Using Instructions
       1. Formulation of blackening solution
          A. Formulation of the working solution of blackening agent: fully shake or evenly mix the stock solution, determine the concentration of the solution and choose the model of blackening agent according to the size and temperature of the work piece. The general blackening agent as a percentage of water is 5-15% (namely 1:6~1:10); the using principle is that: if the size of the work piece is large, the solution concentration should be low, if the size of the work piece is small, the solution concentration should be high; if the temperature of the work piece is low, the solution concentration should be high, if the temperature of the work piece is high, the solution concentration should be low.
          B. Adding of the working solution of blackening agent: when adding the working solution of blackening agent during the operation, the working solution should be diluted before adding, and the stock solution can not be added.
          C. The temperature control of working solution: the working solution tank should be equipped with a cooling and circulating device to keep the temperature at 40℃±5℃ , the maximum temperature shall not exceed 50℃.

       2. Treatment of the blackening work piece
In the assembly line work, the work piece can not bring in other chemical substances.When the work pieces enter into the working solutions successively, the solution-entering temperature of the work piece shall not be lower than 220℃. In a word, the higher the temperature is, the better the performance is, but the maximum temperature shall not exceed 550℃. The heat of the work piece should be preserved for some time after it is heated to the specified temperature in order to keep the work piece being heated evenly and assure the binding force between the blackening films and the matrix. The work piece should be dried after been taken out from the working solutions, the dry temperature should be 100-150℃. If the result of one blackening is not satisfied, a second blackening can be performed.

       3. Analysis & adjustment of the concentration of the working solution
The formulated working solution will be dipped by the hot work piece continuously during use. In the working solution, the film-forming substances will be deposited onto the surface of work piece continuously, with the consumption of solutions, the components in the solutions will be changed gradually, thus, the solution concentration should be tested and analyzed periodically and the blackening agent should be refilled regularly combining with the production quantity. Water should be refilled when too much water is evaporated to keep the working solution within the specified concentration range.

Part of the application of the picture:


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