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DS-FB109 sealant
2017-11-4 11:10:39

DS-FB109 sealant 

           Product description:  

          This product is a water-soluble polymer and corrosion inhibitor, additives, mainly used for blackening after sealing treatment, the blackening film is firm, never fall black, can significantly improve the quality of the film abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and oil resistance, good brightness. Also can be used for electroplating, phosphating, black metal workpiece closed rust treatment, copper and gold-plated silver layer anti tarnishing treatment. 

           Main features: 

           1, this product with water as a solvent, light green liquid, pH value 8-9, non-toxic, non corrosive, non flammable, non explosive, safe and convenient to use. 

           2. This product does not contain any toxic heavy metals such as partition, lead, mercury, six valence chromium and so on. It complies with the international environmental protection ROHS directive. 

           Usage method: 

           This product is the working fluid can directly function, requires not high, products can be used for water 1:1. Drying and drying by dipping. 

           1, one of the treatment methods: drying the workpiece after blackening good (workpiece blackening after fully washing after immersion in liquid) closed 1 ~ 2 minutes, after taking out without washing at room temperature under natural drying, generally 10 to 30 minutes of drying drying temperature control (70 to 90 DEG C, time 5 ~ 10 minutes) after drying dipping antirust oil for 1 minutes; also can be removed after drying and drying to avoid the flow mark, the drying temperature is about 100 DEG C. 

           2, two: for treatment of the workpiece is not allowed to use oil for final processing, soaking 2 times to be impregnated with sealant or application of high concentration liquid sealant, removed after drying and drying to avoid the flow mark, the drying temperature is about 100 DEG C. 

           3, this product is in continuous concentration will not change during the process, adding only added with a bath impregnation and film residue liquid on the surface of the work, keep the level at a specified height, adding DS-FB109 can directly add liquid sealant.

            Matters needing attention:  

          1, can not be without a full cleaning blackening into the sealant treatment, heat type blackening after drying work shall be closed, no other acid substances into the sealant, so as to avoid damage to the working fluid. 

          2. The sealing film can be cleaned by alkaline detergent, and the alkaline detergent is heated to 50-60 degrees. 

          3, packaging: barrels (to prevent high temperature, placed in the shade), shelf life of one year.     


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