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Steel heating protector
2017-7-23 16:08:57


     Delishin steel heating protective agent is a kind of practical process material developed according to the process of metal heat treatment. As early as 1967 heat treatment tooling, anti oxidation, anti decarburization effect, replace the packing to protect this complicated and difficult that technical measures to ensure the heating quality of heat treatment, and achieve energy saving and improve production efficiency. Due to many factors, the technology does not promote, until the beginning of 90s in Beijing Zhigongjixie heat treatment Specialized Committee to try and get more and more, the heat treatment industry recognized.   

      It is suitable for the heat treatment parts in the air heating medium resistance furnace. It can realize the same heating quality of the controllable atmosphere furnace, and is superior to the heating effect of the salt bath. After the heat treatment, the workpiece has good quality, no oxidation, no decarburization, and no poor carbon occurs.    

       Delishin steel heating protection agent is used to protect the workpiece. After heat treatment, the surface is bright and clean, and the hardness of the workpiece after quenching can be higher than that of conventional protection HRC1 ~ 3. If the technical measures are taken, the surface with bright quenching can be obtained.     

      Applicable heat treatment heating equipment:   

        1. various types of box type resistance furnace heating workpiece.    

        2. heating workpiece without circulating wind type electric resistance furnace.   

        3. each type trolley type resistance furnace heating workpiece.    

        4. continuous heating furnace equipment: turn bottom type, pusher type resistance furnace (processing parts and tooling without displacement processing parts)    

        5. induction heating device: high and medium frequency heating workpiece.   


        Applicable steel varieties:   

        1, carbon structural steel: A3, 15#, 45# and other steel.  

        2, alloy structural steel: 35CrMnSi38CrMoAi, 40Cr, 42CrMo and other steel products.  

        3, carbon tool steel: T7, T10, T12A and other steel.    

        4, alloy tool steel: 60Si2Mn, 65Mn, GCr15, GCr15Mn2.    

        5, other types: After Carburizing two times heating workpiece, can also be used for class Cr12Mo steel. 

          Usage method:  

         According to the mechanism of the heat treatment process, furnace temperature to the process temperature, average temperature, the workpiece into the furnace, then the effective protective agent in Xin steel heating furnace. The implantation method depends on the production condition. Can use a variety of ways such as: injection, infusion, or in the workpiece into the furnace before dipping, brushing, also with the work will QW F1 steel with a heating protection container into the furnace, furnace in the furnace cover after the protective agent into the furnace, in order to form a full steam heating chamber. The box furnace will spray the protective agent into the back of the furnace as much as possible. The well type heating furnace shall throw the protective agent at the bottom or bottom of the furnace to make the film become a film.  

         Attachment: reference dose: according to furnace space calculation, generally a cubic space, about 100ml.  

         Use principle: 

          1, according to the size of the heating chamber of the heating furnace and the workpiece, regardless of size and number, in accordance with the heating chamber volume is determined (size) more and more put in protective agent, reduce.  

          2, when put into the protective agent, by the door gap or peep hole, such as light smoke overflow, to achieve protection effect.  

          3, if a shutdown, closed the door (LID), there is no steam, smoke from the gap overflow, immediately open the door (LID), add a dose of protective agent, to smoke overflow, that is, to achieve film protection conditions.   

        Storage and storage:    

        Delishin iron and steel heating protective agent is water-based process material, long-term storage will not fail, and can be stored for a long time in accordance with chemical equipment.   


        1, according to many years of experience in the use of protective agent into the furnace is more casual, according to the user operation conditions, spraying, pouring, dipping, spraying, dripping, brushing can be large-scale components, mass production, into the furnace that is sprayed on the workpiece, the method is simple and practical. Single, a small amount, can be impregnated, brushing, then into the furnace.  

        2 、 in the continuous operation furnace, the timing and quantitative drip can be adopted. Or jet can, how to save time, effort, reduce consumption, according to their respective conditions, sum up experience, reasonable use.  

        3, generally speaking, the spray comes quickly and saves. But it needs the condition of compressed air and spray gun. Secondly, it can be sprayed (such as plastic bottle and bottle), and also can be thrown by a small spoon. The user according to the production equipment, products of the type of production mode, using the most simple and practical way to put in, in order to obtain the best economic results shall prevail.  

        4, it is recommended that the unfamiliar materials and workpieces should be subject to the use of pioneer experiments to achieve the effect, and then formally put into use, in case of undue loss.


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