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    Zhongshan treasure New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional surface treatment materials (delishin pulp blackening agent) and hot and cold processing materials research and development, production and sales of integrated operation enterprises. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the high starting point, high requirements, energy conservation and environmental protection as the guiding ideology, determined to continue to innovate, to provide users with quality products and services. Our original blackening agent without thickener is the real blackening agent for concentrated stock.

    Since the establishment of the company, the company has been committed to technology research and development. From product formulation to production equipment and tools, to product use, there are innovations around the entire product in all dimensions. Up to now, it has applied for 3 formula type invention patents (all have entered In the final review stage), there are 8 utility model patents for equipment and tools, and follow-up research and development are still in progress; 4 high-tech product certificates have been obtained, and our company is now rated as a national "high-tech enterprise". The products that have been put on the market have solved the problem of high pollution caused by the traditional process of blackening steel parts.

    The steel blackening agent of Delishin Brand employs the principle of high polymer organic polymerization and uses the afterheat of tempering process within the heat treatment to form a film and blacken. The formulated working solution can be recycled and is easy to operate, being a kind of new environment-friendly, energy-saving and water conservative steel surface treatment material and the best solution to reduce the production costs. It is widely used in the surface blackening of all kinds of iron and steel parts such as standard parts, fasteners, screws, nuts, chains, gears, springs, elastic pads, bicycle parts and accessories, auto parts, machine parts, hydraulic parts, engineering machinery parts and railway equipment which are made of iron and steel materials as carbon constructional steel, alloy constructional steel, cast iron and powder metallurgy etc.
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