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Manganese black film phosphating solution
2022-4-6 15:35:13

Manganese Phosphating Solution Product Manual
DS-0537 (Barrel Plating), DS-0523 (Hanging Plating)

1. Product introduction: This product is a one-component film-forming agent of high temperature manganese series, and the film layer has excellent corrosion resistance and oil absorption performance. For immersion use, the film is used for anti-friction and self-lubrication of high-speed running parts (such as gears, chains, bearings, etc.), for pistons, piston rings, cylinder (cylinder) bushings, valve lifters and cam followers, cam The rotating sliding surfaces of shafts, motor adjustment pedestals, etc., can significantly improve their wear resistance, as well as the wear and corrosion resistance coating treatment of tools and standard parts that require higher requirements. The color of the phosphating film is dark gray to pure black depending on the material. Since this coating can prevent the contact of the same metal on the surface of the rotating sliding part, the phenomenon of adsorption and seizure does not occur. Since this film has good oil absorption, it can improve the slidability of the treated surface. This coating is a corrosion-resistant coating.

   2. Product properties: acid transparent light green liquid

   3. Operation management standards:

         Manage projects             work standard
        Build Bath Concentration        16-20%
        Total Acidity (TA)              55-65pt
        Free Acidity (FA)               9-18pt
        Temperature (Temp)              92-99℃
        Time (Time)                     5-15 minutes
        replacement cycle            Regular slag cleaning, no need to replace

Fourth, the technological process: 1. General process: degreasing - washing - pickling - washing - washing - surface conditioning - phosphating - washing - sealing - sealing oil

    4. Pure black process: degreasing - washing - pickling - washing - washing - phosphating - washing - blackening - washing - washing - surface conditioning - phosphating - washing - sealing - sealing

    5. Operation instructions:  The potion should be added in small amounts several times. A barrel of potion can be made of 2-5 tons of iron pieces depending on the surface size of the workpiece.

    6. Measurement method: 1. Determination of total acidity: use a 10ML glass tube to take 10 ml of the bath solution to a triangular measuring cup, drop 3-4 drops of phenolphthalein (PP) indicator, and then use a 20ML glass tube to suck 0.1N NaOH solution for titration When the solution turns red and the color does not fade after shaking, the number of milliliters of NaOH solution consumed is the total acidity "points". Note that the reagents cannot be contaminated with each other.

    7. Determination of free acid: Take 10 ml of the bath solution in a measuring cup, add 2-3 drops of bromophenol blue (BPB) indicator, and titrate with 0.1N NaOH solution until the solution changes from light yellow to colorless or slightly blue. The number of milliliters of NaOH solution consumed is the "points" of free acid

Seven, matters needing attention: 1. Regularly measure the values ​​in the tank 1-3 times a day to ensure that they are within the standard range

    8. If the liquid comes into contact with the skin or eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary.

Eight, shelf life: 2 years.

    9. Packing specification: 25/Kg/drum.

   10, storage method: sealed, dry in a cool place.

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