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Emulsified antirust oil
2017-7-23 16:43:08


     DS-FX205 is a water soluble emulsified rust inhibitor. Mixing, it is easy to emulsify in moderate hard water or soft water.   

     After the DS-FX205 emulsion is dried, a thin protective film is left on the surface of the treated workpiece. The protective film provides black metal protection for 6 to 12 months in the protective film.    

     DS-FX205 provides excellent process rust protection, providing even six months of rust protection for the workpiece of the process even in a wet workshop environment. DS-FX205 emulsions can be used instead of flammable solvent based rust preventive oils and the risks associated with them.  

     As a kind of the blackening, eventually rust phosphating and surface coating processing of workpieces, DS-FX205 has been widely recognized, attached on the workpiece in the finished film is not greasy, so as not to affect the subsequent process of painting.  

 Typical physical and chemical parameters    

       The original appearance of amber oil     

       The proportion at 15.5 C, 0.93      

       The viscosity, 48mm2 / s, 37.7 C    

       The flash point, opening, more than 160 DEG C    

       The pour point of -15 deg.     

       The wet Protective Emulsion Treatment DS-FX205, 10%, 30 days.    

       The salt spray protection treatment, 10%, DS-FX205 emulsion for 4 hours     


 Usage and concentration       

       Usage: dip or spray concentration: 5%--15%     

       Determination of the concentration of DS-501 emulsion, 2002   

       Instruments and reagents: 50 ml pipette     

      At Kimble, 15066 bottles of Brandt     

      1:1 sulfuric acid diluent     

      When the 1:1 sulfuric acid diluent is formulated, the sulfuric acid is always added to the water slowly. The mixture will heat up and handle with care.     


      1. suck the 50ml emulsion with a straw and put it in a bottle of brinell.   

      2. add 1:1 sulfuric acid diluent to 80% scale.   

      3. put Brinell bottle in 60--65 temperature oven for 24 hours.    

      4. calculation of anti rust agent concentration:%, concentration, oil volume, CC = * * 2   

       Each of the scales of the bottle is equivalent to 0.2cc  



      DS-FX205 is easy to mix with water, adding the required amount of DS-FX205 into the water and mixing it to form a white emulsion. In contrast, the performance of the product is almost unaffected by the water quality of the mix, whether moderately hard or soft water can be used.  

      If the emulsion remains stationary, it will form a yellow or yellow oil or soap on the surface a few days later, but the separated oil can easily be mixed with the emulsion again.    

       DS-FX205 emulsions are still stable at high temperatures, with a maximum temperature of 75 DEG C   

      If the use of more detailed and maintenance management method, please refer to the company product information or service engineer)  

 Stock life   

       Products which have been inspected by the factory shall be used within one year: if the time limit has not been used, the quality of the inspected indicators shall be used.  

 Packaging and storage   

        DS-FX205 uses 200 liter drum   

        Storage conditions: 5-50 degrees, indoor storage


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