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Water antirust agent
2018-5-18 14:50:35

Delishin antirust agent


DS-FX302 is suitable for rust prevention between the working procedures of metal parts. The amount of 1-2% liquid can be rustproof with water. The greater the concentration, the longer the antirust time, the short antirust: 1%-10% original liquid; the appearance of antirust agent is yellowish transparent, the proportion is 1.05 + 0.02; the pH value is weak alkaline: 7 ~ 8;

DS-FX302 is applicable to: 1. Rust prevention and passivation treatment before painting, galvanizing and nickel plating, and rust prevention between steel processes, and keep the true color of steel unchanged.

2, the marine engine water tank rust protection add 1% original fluid can keep the water of the tank often clear yellow.

3, pressure vessels and other equipment leak detection, pressure test and other water to add 1-2% or so.

4. Add about 2% in the cutting fluid.

Delishin De Xin rust inhibitor:

1, clear and transparent, no oil, easy to clean. No silicon, no influence on the surface of galvanized and paint.

2, green and environmental protection, no zinc, aldehyde, heavy metals, sodium nitrite, phenol and other harmful substances to the human body and the environment; no irritation to the skin; in summer, not mouldy or stinky;

3, adopt the latest international technology to keep metal color and rust prevention period long.

4, it can be stored for a long time without precipitation, no lamination and no crystallization.

The method of using Delishin De Xin rust inhibitorAfter soaking, spraying and brushing, natural drying or low temperature drying can directly dilute the product with tap water.

The product meets the requirements of the EU RoHS limit.

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