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In August, China's manufacturing PMI rose by 0.5 percentage points to 50.4 ring-on-ring ratio.
Click:1078 Date:2019-9-9 9:14:36
    According to Caixin. com on September 2, the purchasing managers index (PMI) of Caixin China's manufacturing industry rose by 0.5 percentage points in August to 50.4, returning to above the dividing line between prosperity and decline, the highest level since April, indicating a slight improvement in manufacturing prosperity.

    The improvement of PMI in Caixin's manufacturing industry in August was mainly due to the rebound in output. The output index rose to an expansion range in August, a five-month high, driving the inventory index of finished products into the expansion range for the first time since this year. Manufacturers generally say that the increase is due to signs of stronger demand.

    The index of new export orders contracted for three consecutive months, reaching its lowest level since December 2018 in August, but the index of new orders declined slightly, indicating that the improvement of domestic demand has played a hedging role in the decline of exports.

    In August, the employment index was only slightly below the dividing line between prosperity and decline, indicating that the employment situation in manufacturing industry had improved.

    Manufacturers reported that due to the impact of falling raw material prices, average input costs fell again in August. Although the decline was mild, manufacturers increased efforts to reduce ex-factory prices in order to stimulate customer demand, the decline was the highest since 2016.


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