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Data Analysis of Fastener Industry in China from 2014 to 2018
Click:1296 Date:2019-8-1 15:51:35
     In 2018, due to the unstable external environment and the increase of uncertainties, the downward pressure of the economy has increased. Fastener enterprises are facing difficulties and going up steadily and steadily. The overall recovery of the industry economy has been good, and they have achieved better results than expected.

     Overview of Fasteners Import and Export in China in 2018

    According to the data of China Customs, the total export volume of fasteners in China in 2018 was about 3.29 million tons, up 12.9% year-on-year, and the export amount was about 6.587 billion US dollars, up 27.7% year-on-year. In the whole year of 2018, China's fastener imports were about 317,000 tons, down 1.6% from the same period last year, and the amount of imports was about 3.22 billion US dollars, up 3.2% from the same period last year.

   Overview of Fasteners Import and Export in China from 2014 to 2018:

    As can be seen from the above figure, the export volume and amount of fasteners in China increased considerably in 2018.

The ranking of fastener exporting countries/regions in 2018 in China:


China Fastener Import Countries/Regions Ranking in 2018:

    In 2018, the top five export markets of fasteners in China are the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany and Australia. The average unit price of fasteners exported to Japan is the highest, which is about $2238 per ton, an increase of 12% year on year. In terms of imports, Japan, Germany, the United States and Taiwan are the top five sources of fasteners imports in China in 2018. Among them, the average unit price of fasteners imported from the United States is the highest, which is about $14529 per ton, an increase of 7.7% over the same period of last year.

    It is worth noting that although the average unit price of fastener exports in 2018 has increased considerably, the gap between China and import data is about six times.

    Note: The name of the commodity is 7318 steel screw, bolt, nut, square head screw, hook head screw, rivet and similar products. If there is no actual import and export of the commodity during the specified period, the inquiry results of the commodity during that period will not be displayed.



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