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Summary of Fastener Fairs in the Second Half of 2019
Click:223 Date:2019-8-1 15:36:02
   The second half of 2019 has been open for one month. Now, the hot fastener exhibitions in the second half of 2019 are summarized as follows:

   Every screwdriver is planning to join in the second half of the year.

Domestic Exhibition

2019 Wuhan International Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Expo

Exhibition time: August 28-30, 2019

Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center

China Smart Equipment and Mold Metal Processing Expo 2019

Exhibition time: 5-7 September 2019

Exhibition venue: Guangdong Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center (Jiangmen)

China International Building Hardware and Fasteners Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: October 10-12, 2019

Exhibition venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

2019 14th China (Wenzhou) Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition time: 11-13 October 2019

Venue: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Thirteenth China Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners and Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition time: 16-19 October 2019

Exhibition venue: Yongnian Fasteners Exhibition Center

2019 Wuxi Stainless Steel Pipe Pump Valve and Fastener Exhibition

Exhibition time: 17-19 October 2019

Exhibition venue: Taihu International Expo Center

Nineteenth Suzhou Fasteners and Technology Exhibition

Exhibition time: 23-25 October 2019

Exhibition venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

Fastener Springs and Intelligent Processing Equipment Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: 28-30 October 2019

Exhibition venue: Yueqing China Electrical and Electrical City, Zhejiang Province

22nd DMP Dongguan International Mold Metal Processing, Rubber, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 30-November 1, 2019

Exhibition venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

China (Jiaxing) Fastener Industry Expo 2019

Exhibition time: 7-8 November 2019

Exhibition venue: Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

Foreign Exhibitions

Vietnam Manufacturing Expo

Exhibition time: 14-16 August 2019

Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

Japan Hardware and DIY Exhibition

Exhibition time: 29-31 August 2019

Exhibition venue: Tokyo, Japan

American International Fastener Show

Exhibition time: 17-19 September 2019

Venue: Las Vegas, USA

Birmingham Fasteners Show, UK

Exhibition time: 11-12 September 2019

Venue: Birmingham, UK

India Hardware Tools and Fasteners Exhibition

Exhibition time: 17-19 September 2019

Venue: Mumbai, India

International Fasteners Exhibition Indonesia

Exhibition time: 9-12 October 2019

Exhibition venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Fasteners exhibition in Poland

Exhibition time: 8-9 October 2019

Venue: Krakow, Poland

Russian Fasteners Professional Exhibition

Exhibition time: 22-24 October 2019

Venue: Moscow, Russia

Fasteners Exhibition in Gujarat, India

Exhibition time: December 4-8, 2019

Venue: Gujarat, India

Vietnam Hardware Tools Exhibition

Exhibition time: December 4-7, 2019

Venue: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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